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Sun’s letter

We come together, we work together, we progress together.As a member of Taifu,I appreciate all of your attention and support.

Recalling the growth, our founder Mr Yun-shan Ni made good start with the forming of a hardworking,dedicated, harmonious and skilled team. With the spirit of creation and teamwork,we develop rapidly and earn good reception. We treasure the client,the staff and the community and we trust the satisfaction from them keep our business running.

As the chairman of Taifu,I am grateful to all my friends. Whether encouragement or criticism from you gives me the chance to improve and contribute to the society.

"I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea” from the poem “The Hard Road” of Li Bai, a great Chinese ancient poet. Knowing this poem, we would devote to achieve a creative Taifu.

We treasure the chance,and we appreciate the team. We are looking forward to your attention.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sunny Sun